W-2 Filing

Easier W2 filing with the right forms, envelopes and e-file.

  • Save big over retail prices
  • Small minimum quantities
  • Compatible with most accounting software

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W-2 Copy A

Our Price: $15.00 per 100
Greatland® $21.40 per 100

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4up Blank W2 Paper

Our Price: $65.00 per 500
OfficeDepot® $99.90 per 500

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W2 Forms, Envelopes, Software Efiling for 2020 - ZBPforms.com
Easier W2 Filing with the right forms, envelopes and e-file options from ZBP Forms.

W2 Form Sets

Convenient sets of forms & envelopes.

Blank W2 Paper

Easy W2 printing with your software.

W2 Envelopes

Security-tint window envelopes.

W2 Online Filing

E-file and mail W2 forms instantly.

W2 Software

Easy-to-use software with forms included.

Preprinted W-2 Forms

Official Red Copy A forms and more.

Pressure Seal W2

Several formats available.

Popular W2 Forms
W-2 Filing Guides

Decoding W-2 Formats

2up Forms

2 forms per sheet, all blank paper can include employee instructions on the back.

Use them for Official W2 forms (2 of the same copies) or condensed 2up employee Copies B/C for federal filing.

3up Forms

3 forms on a sheet, typically with a vertical size strip to remove before mailing.

Use for condensed 3up W2 forms for employees, Copies B/C/2 for federal and state filing.

4up Forms

4 forms on a single sheet, perforated into quadrants or horizontal sections depending on your software.

Use for 8pt W2 printing of employee Copies B/C/2/2 for federal, state and local filing.

Tips for Faster & Easier W2 Filing

Be sure that you use W2 forms compatible with your software! Check your software for supported formats:

  • Preprinted forms (prints data on a pre-made form) or
  • Blank paper (prints data and boxes on a perforated sheet)
  • 2up, 3up or 4up forms
  • Be sure your envelope windows match!

W3 Transmittal forms must be mailed with Red Copy A forms. We include a couple FREE W3 forms with each W2 order.

Online filing is an option! DiscountEfile.com lets you enter or import data, and then takes care of the rest. Your forms are e-filed with the IRS/SSA and mailed to employees automatically. With a few clicks, you're done! Learn more.