W2 Filing for 2023, Tax Forms, Envelopes, Software and E-Filing with New E-File Requirements - zbpforms.com

W-2 Form Filing

Easy W2 filing with the right forms, envelopes and e-file for 2023.

  • Official W2 Forms, blank perforated paper and more
  • Big discounts on big-box retail prices
  • Small minimum quantities
  • Compatible with most accounting software

**NEW** W2 E-filing requirements — E-file Copy A if you have 10+ W2 and 1099 forms combined in 2023

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W2 Filing for 2023, Tax Forms, Envelopes, Software and E-Filing with New E-File Requirements - zbpforms.com



But we have a solution! You can easily print, mail and e-file all common 1099 & W2 forms on DiscountEfile.com.

Online 1099 & W2 Filing

Easier W2 Filing with the right forms, envelopes and e-file options at everyday discount prices.

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Major E-File Requirement Changes for 1099 & W2 Filing

The new e-file threshold for the 2023 tax year is only 10 W2 and 1099 forms, combined, per EIN. 

For example, if your business has to file 5 1099NEC forms and 5 W2 forms, you must e-file the red Copy A forms with the IRS and SSA by January 31, 2024.

This applies to ANY combination of 10 or more of ANY type of 1099 or W2 forms, except correction forms. Here is a great article with insights to the changes.

Penalties apply if you don't - $60 per form if you file on time and up to $310 per form if you file late. 

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E-file, print and mail 1099 & W2 forms online.

No paper, no software, no mailing, no hassles!

If you have 10 or more 1099 & W2 forms combined for a single EIN, you must e-file 1099 & W2 Copy A in 2023.

Use DiscountEfile.com to enter or upload data from QuickBooks® or other programs, and we'll e-file with the IRS or SSA for you and can even print and mail recipient copies! 

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Online E-Filing of 1099 & W2 Forms

Order W2 Tax Forms, Envelopes, Software & E-Filing for 2023

W2 Form Sets

Convenient sets of forms & envelopes.

W2 tax form sets for 2023 with envelopes and employer and employee W-2 form copies - zbpforms.com

Blank W2 Paper

Easy W2 printing with your software.

W2 Envelopes

Security-tint window envelopes.

W2 Online Filing

E-file and mail W2 forms instantly.

Discount Efile 1099 & W2 Forms Online, 1099 & W2 Print and Mail Service - ZBPforms.com

W2 Software

Easy-to-use software with forms included.

W2 Software for 2022, Stand-Alone W-2 Software and E-filing, Forms & Envelopes Kits - ZBPforms.com

Preprinted W-2 Forms

Official Red Copy A forms and more.

Official W2 tax forms for IRS and SSA, employer and employee wage reporting filing. New e-file rules for 2023 - zpbforms.com

Pressure Seal W2

Several formats available.

W2 pressure seal forms, preprinted and blank in 11- and 14-inch formats - zbpforms.com

Carbonless W2

Continuous W-2 forms.

W2 Carbonless Continuous Tax Forms for 2023 - zbpforms.com

W3 Transmittals

W-3 Transmittal forms for W2 filing.

W3 transmittal tax forms for W2 filing, laser and continuous formats - zbpforms.com

W2C Forms

Correction W-2 forms.

Software Compatible W2

W2 forms for accounting software.

1099 & W2 Forms and Envelopes Compatible with Accounting Software - ZBPforms.com

Popular W2 Forms for the 2023 Tax Year

Decoding W-2 Formats

2up Forms

2 forms per sheet, all blank paper can include employee instructions on the back.

Use them for Official W2 forms (2 of the same copies) or condensed 2up employee Copies B/C for federal filing.

3up Forms

3 forms on a sheet, typically with a vertical size strip to remove before mailing.

Use for condensed 3up W2 forms for employees, Copies B/C/2 for federal and state filing.

4up Forms

4 forms on a single sheet, perforated into quadrants or horizontal sections depending on your software.

Use for 8pt W2 printing of employee Copies B/C/2/2 for federal, state and local filing.

Tips for Faster & Easier W2 Filing

Be sure that you use W2 forms compatible with your software! Check your software for supported formats:

  • Preprinted forms (prints data on a pre-made form) or
  • Blank paper (prints data and boxes on a perforated sheet)
  • 2up, 3up or 4up forms
  • Be sure your envelope windows match!

W3 Transmittal forms must be mailed with Red Copy A forms. We include a couple FREE W3 forms with each W2 order.

Online filing is an option! DiscountEfile.com lets you enter or import data, and then takes care of the rest. Your forms are e-filed with the IRS/SSA and mailed to employees automatically. With a few clicks, you're done! Learn more.