Guide to Filing 1099 & W2 Forms for Small Business -

Tax Resources for Small Business

Make year-end 1099 & W2 wage and information reporting easier!

Our full guide to filing 1099 & W2 forms is available below.

Get answers to questions about which forms are right for you, how to file using software, e-filing online and more. 


Guide to Filing 1099 & W2 Forms for Small Business -

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Small Business 1099 & W2 Filing Guide -

Small Business Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms

Key Points to Choosing the Right Filing Method:

  • Which method will you use to file? Accounting software, online filing, etc.
  • How many parts do you need? Federal, state and city copies, depending on your location’s requirements.
  • What type of forms do you need?

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