1099 Online Filing

Instantly efile 1099 forms online with IRS 1099 e-file and recipient print + mail services.

  • Efile 1099 forms online – no forms or envelopes needed!
  • Incredibly easy and absolutely secure
  • 1099 e-file only or add recipient print + mail services
  • Manually enter or import data 
  • File one or thousands of 1099 forms online easily

Online 1099 Filing is Instant, Secure and Simple!

Filing of 1099 forms online is convenient and economical with DiscountEfile.com.

Simply manually enter your data, import it from QuickBooks or use a spreadsheet, and with a few clicks, 1099 forms are done completely online!

Not only will we e-file 1099 information with the IRS, but can also print and mail employee copies for you.

It’s so simple, you’ll never file 1099 forms any other way! No forms or envelopes need to be purchased, and we’ll even take care of that pesky 1096 transmittal form too.

Simply enter your data and we’ll do the rest for about $4 per form when you only have a few forms, or as low as $1.50 per form for a higher volume.

Watch these videos to learn more about 1099 online filing.