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W2C Correction Forms

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For tax year 2023, you MUST file W2C Copy A in the same manner as the original W2 was filed. 

  • If you e-filed the original W2 with the SSA, you must file the correction electronically.
  • If you mailed a paper W2 to the SSA, you must print and mail W2C.
W2C Correction Tax Forms and Envelopes for Corrected W-2 Form Filing - ZBPforms.com

W2c Correction forms for correcting a W2 that was already filed. Forms, envelopes and easy online filing.

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W2C Correction Filing Instructions

Correcting a W2 Form

How to correct an error on a W2 using W2C forms.

To correct a W2 form because the original has data errors, file a W2C form (W-2 Correction Form) with the SSA and employee.

Form W2C is different than a standard W2 form, and requires that you fill in all of the fields on the form, including the information originally filed, as well as the correct information.

But first, answer this question: Have you already filed W2 Copy A with the SSA?

File W2C Corrections with Official W2C forms and envelopes or easy online filing and efile - ZBPforms.com

Filing W2c forms when the original has already been filed with the SSA

Use Form W2C ONLY if you have already mailed the original W2 Copy A to the SSA, or e-filed is using any W2 e-filing system. You will need to complete and file W2C forms with the SSA, mail one to the employee and provide a file copy for the employer.

Use Form W-2C to:

  • Correct errors on Form W-2 or W-2 C filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • Provide a corrected Form W-2 to employees.

NEW for 2023! You must file W2C with the SSA in the same manner as the original W2 Copy A. 

  • If you e-filed with the SSA, you MUST efile W2C Copy A
  • If you printed and mailed to the SSA, you MUST mail W2C Copy A

Correcting a W2 form that has NOT yet been filed with the SSA

If you discover a mistake on an employee’s W2 form, but have NOT mailed Copy A to the SSA or efiled it, you DO NOT need a W2C form! Only use W2C if the SSA copy has already been filed.

To correct a W2 form in this instance, simply reprint the W2 with the corrected information and provide that to the employee and when filing it with the SSA. 

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