1099NEC Blank Paper – 3up for 3 Recipients – With Recipient Instructions

Blank 3up Perforated Paper for 1099NEC Tax Forms for Recipients

This perforated blank paper is designed for 1099NEC forms, with 3 forms per page and recipient instructions printed on the backer of each. Use this blank 1099NEC paper for 3 different recipients.

Order as few as 100 sheets and get discounts on bulk quantities!

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Order a quantity equal to the number of recipients you have (3 recipients per page)

100 minimum / multiples of 100.

Qty 100 - 499$0.15 ea
Qty 500 - 999$0.14 ea
Qty 1,000 - 1,999$0.13 ea
Qty 2,000 - 4,999$0.12 ea
Qty 5,000 - 25,000$0.11 ea

Blank 1099NEC Paper 3up with Side Stub for 3 Recipients

Blank 3up perforated 1099NEC paper for printing complete 1099-NEC forms with software that generates the form and data. This blank paper has recipient instructions printed on the back of each form and is for printing 3 different recipients on a single sheet.

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Use 1099NEC Forms to report non-employee compensation of $600+ for contractors, freelancers and more.

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Learn About 1099-NEC Requirements


Blank 3up Perforated 1099NEC Form Paper Specs:

1099NEC Instructions for 3 recipients are printed on the back.

    • 3-up format for 3 recipients (three Copy B forms per page)
    • Backer includes instructions for recipients printed on each form 
    • 8.5″ x 11″ with a side perforation that should be removed before mailing
    • 20# laser paper
    • Order a quantity equal to the number of forms you need, with 3 recipients per sheet

Item# NEC5159

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Other 1099 Blank Paper Formats Available: 



The IRS COULD change the e-filing threshold for 1099 & W2 forms. It is currently 250+ forms, but MAY change to 100+. Stay tuned to ZBP Forms and the Official IRS 1099 Instructions for developments.

If you need to efile, check with your software provider or use our online service, DiscountEfile.com to get it all done easily. We can even print and mail recipient copies for you!

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