W-3 Forms – 2-Part Carbonless

W3 Transmittal Forms for Typewriters

If you only need a couple W-3 Transmittal Forms for filing with W-2 Copy A, this W3 Form is for you!

A 2-part carbonless form makes it easy to have a copy for filing with the SSA and to keep a copy for your own records.

Use the W-3 form to summarize all of the W2 Copy A forms for an employer for the tax year.

You will NOT need this form if your business is required to e-file in 2023 per the new requirements – see below for details.

Minimum quantity of 10 – $0.56 each

2-Part W3 Transmittal Forms for Typewriters

Easily file a few W-3 Transmittal Forms using these 2-part W3 forms for typewriters. 

Rely on The Tax Form Gals for easy W2 filing!

Official W3 Summary Forms are filed with W-2 Copy A forms to the SSA. The W3 form summarizes all W2 forms from a single employer.

You WILL NOT need this form if you must efile Copy A forms in 2023.

Item# W-3

New E-filing Requirements for 10+ Recipients

If you have 10+ recipients for 1099 & W2 forms, combined per EIN, you must efile Copy A forms with the IRS in 2023.

We make it easy with DiscountEfile.com… we’ll efile with the IRS or SSA and can even print and mail recipient copies for you in one easy step – no forms, envelopes or postage required!

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