1099-NEC Forms Set with Envelopes

Official 1099-NEC Tax Form Sets with Envelopes

Everything you need to print and mail 1099-NEC Forms in one pre-assembled set. Includes recipient and payer copies, as well as compatible security envelopes.

Order as few as 10 sets and get discounts on bulk quantities.

NEW dateless format introduced last year – fill in the year on each form.

New Efile Rule Changes for 2023! 

If your business has 10+ 1099 & W2 forms, combined per EIN, you must efile with the IRS in 2023. DiscountEfile.com makes it easy! Enter or upload data, and we e-file with the IRS and can even print and mail recipient copies! Learn More >

Order a quantity equal to the number of recipients you have. Minimum 10 / Multiples of 10.

Select options to see pricing.

1099-NEC Tax Forms Sets with Envelopes for 2023 Non-Employee Compensation Reporting

1099NEC Forms and envelopes kit with everything you need to print and mail recipient and payer copies to report non-employee compensation during tax year 2023.

1099-NEC Filing is easy with The Tax Form Gals!

Use 1099-NEC Forms to report annual income of $600+ for contractors, freelancers and more.

Choose the number of parts based on your filing requirements: 3-part Federal Only, 4-part Federal & State, 5-part Federal, State & Local

Dateless format was introduced last year – fill in the year on each form.


New E-filing Requirements for 10+ Recipients

If you have 10+ recipients for 1099 & W2 forms, combined per EIN, you must efile Copy A forms with the IRS in 2023.

We make it easy with DiscountEfile.com… we’ll efile with the IRS or SSA and can even print and mail recipient copies for you in one easy step – no forms, envelopes or postage required!

More on Efile Changes + Easy Solutions


1099-NEC Form Sets with Envelopes Include:

  • Copy A (Federal, red scannable)
  • Federal Copy B (Recipient)
  • Copy C-2 (Payer / State) (5pt includes 2 copies of the C/2 form)
  • Envelopes with moisture seal or self-sealing flap, 2 windows, interior security tint and printed with the required text: “Important Tax Return Document Enclosed”
  • 1096 Transmittal Forms (3 forms)

Order a quantity equal to the number of recipients you have.

  • 2-up format
  • Copy A has a 1/2″ side perforation
  • 8.5″x 11″
  • Printed on 20# laser paper

Print each copy as a batch and separate along the perforations (except Copy A)
Mail Copy A to the IRS in a batch with a 1096 Transmittal Form.
Mail Copy C to a state tax agency if required.
Mail Copy B to the recipient in the 1099 envelopes included with the set.

Number of 1099 Parts

3-part (federal only), 4-part (federal and state), 5-part (federal, state, city)

Envelope Seal

Moisture Seal, Self-Seal


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