1099 Software + E-Filing Kit with 1099-NEC Forms and Envelopes


1099 & W2 Software with Efiling + 1099-NEC Forms and Envelopes

Easily print 1099-NEC forms and more with stand alone 1099 & W2 Software kits that include packs of 1099-NEC forms and compatible envelopes, plus easy e-filing options to help you meet the new threshold requirement of 10+ forms.

In addition to printing 1099-NEC forms, the software includes 11 commonly filed forms plus easy e-filing with the IRS or SSA.

With 15 forms and envelopes – $47
With 25 forms and envelopes – $55
With 50 forms and envelopes – $65

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Software + Efiling + 1099NEC Forms and Envelopes Kits

A convenient kit with stand-alone 1099 software + 1099NEC forms and envelopes for small businesses. Includes the ability to efile and print the most popular 1099 & W2 forms. With the new e-filing threshold requirement of 10+ forms, this software simplifies year end reporting!

Official, preprinted 1099-NEC forms and envelopes are included, along with the full software program and a tip sheet for 1099 filing in 2023.

1099 Software + 1099-NEC Forms Kit Includes:

The software will easily print on either preprinted or blank 1099 and W2 forms. (Preprinted 1099-NEC forms are included with the kit).

E-Filing is simple, with a quick and easy process to upload files and send to the IRS and/or SSA and costs just $1.65 per form.

Secure filing with password protection and SSN masking to show only the last 4 digits of recipient SSN.

Simple functionality with step-by-step user guides, templates for importing data and enhanced reporting to see payer and recipient summary information.

Click to order additional W2 forms and envelopes, or other 1099 forms and envelopes for TaxRight software. You can use most of the other blank paper or other preprinted formats we offer.

Switching from TFP Software?

An easy conversion integration is available from within Tax Right software! No need to switch to Winfiler® or other expensive 1099 & W2 software, TaxRight does it all at a more affordable price. And the functionality, workflow and printing is so similar, you’ll feel right at home.

Major 1099 & W2 Efiling Requirement Changes in 2023

If your business has 10+ W2 and 1099 forms, combined, pre EIN, you must e-file Copy A forms with the IRS and SSA for the 2023 tax year. This software makes it easy! Learn More About the Changes >

Number of Forms

15 Forms + Envelopes, 25 Forms + Envelopes, 50 Forms + Envelopes


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